Remember, at North Main Medical, you’re not just our patient. You’re family.

Urgent Care & Family Medicine

If you’ve ever come down with the flu or sprained your ankle, you understand what it means to need immediate treatment without going to the emergency room. Urgent care fills the gap between life-threatening and can-wait-until-later by providing immediate treatment for non-life-threatening conditions.

Prevention & Wellness

Nothing beats proactive healthcare! Take control of your health and get a screening for blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, nutrition, sleep disorder, thyroid, or disease of the liver, kidney, lung, and digestive tract.

Chronic Care Monitoring & Manament

We can treat your chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD and asthma, sleep apnea, arthritis and osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia) and improve your quality of life.

Blackhaired woman sits at a cafe table and consults telemedicine doctor by laptop computer with her back to camera. In monitor, male physician reviews medical laboratory results with her. Horizontal shot on indoors blurred background

Telehealth Services

No matter where you are or how busy your life gets, you can talk to one of our many friendly and knowledgable physician assistant online at a time that works with your schedule. Get quality care right from your smartphone. It’s quick and easy to sign up and start talking to a physician assistant to get diagnosed.


Skin Services

  • Full skin exams for evaluation of skin cancer
  • skin biopsies
  • treatment of pre-cancerous lesions
  • evaluation and treatment of most rashes in adults
  • skin excisions
  • evaluation of suspicious skin lesions
  • also treating acne, warts and a variety of other skin related conditions.